Welcome to our Online Law Enforcement Center. In order to fulfill the promise to protect and inform the Floyd County community, the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department, (FCSD) is dedicating time to keep this site updated, so be sure to check back often. Our Mission is to protect and serve our community with professional service, implement technology to combat crime, and keep our public and staff safe.

About Floyd County, Indiana

Floyd County, Indiana is located across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky and was founded in 1819. Floyd County is named after Brigadier General John Floyd who served in the U.S. Army. The county is approximately 150 square miles of land surrounded by elevated terrain known as “Floyds Knobs”. Our county is seated in the city of New Albany and has approximately 80,000 citizens.

The current Floyd County Sheriff is Frank Loop (above) and was elected to his first term in 2015. Indiana has a 2 term limit for Sheriff’s positions and an elected Sheriff may serve up to 4 years per term.

Have an emergency?

Call 911

Need a report?

Call dispatch 812.948.5400

Have information about a crime?

Anonymous tip line812-945-FCSD
Criminal Investigations Division812-948-5407

Before you call

  • Be sure to use full detail in locations, names, etc.
  • Any information may be helpful
  • You may leave name and contact information if you do not wish to remain anonymous.

Information from the public is one of the most valuable resources any law enforcement agency can have. Any information may be helpful no matter how small it may seem. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding names, locations, descriptions, etc.

Thank you for helping protect our community.

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