Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to I find out if someone is in jail or what their bond is?

A: You can call the jail and utilize the automated information system (AIS) at 812.948.5406. From here, you will select option #2 and that will give you information about an individual who is incarcerated. You can also utilize mobile patrol app (Android, IOS)

Q: When is someone’s court date who was just arrested?

A: Court assignments are given by the Floyd County Clerk each morning for fresh arrest. This information is posted in the Floyd County Court house on TV monitors. Any individual arrested will always attend court on the following business day.

Q: When is someone’s next court date?

A: You can visit My Case Indiana at to find court dates.

Q: How can I pay someone’s bond?

A: Please refer to bond information to learn more. 

Q: How can I mail something to an inmate?

A: Please refer to inmate mail to learn more.

Q: What time will someone be released on their release date?

A: Inmate releases begin at 12:01 on their release date unless specified on a court order.

Q: Can I drop items off to an inmate?

A: Generally no items are allowed to be dropped off to any inmate unless they are deemed medically necessary by the jail doctor or are needed for court. If these items are a necessity, a staff member will contact a family member and arrange for these items to be dropped off.

Q: How long does an agency have to pick someone up who is being held by another county?

A: There is not a set time frame for someone to be picked up. The law says that transportation must be scheduled within a reasonable amount of time. The general rule practiced in the Floyd County Jail is within 10 days.  

Q: Can I obtain a protective order at the Sheriff’s Department?

A: Protective orders are obtained through the clerk’s office with an exception of on weekends. You can fill out the required paperwork in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Department on weekends, beginning on Friday at 4:00pm through Sunday at 8:00pm.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to have my fingerprints taken?

A: Depending on what you are being fingerprinted for determines if you need an appointment. If your fingerprints need to be done electronically, you must make an appointment with Idento Go at or calling 1.877.472.6917 (This is for gun permits, adoption and other specific reasons). Please check with the entity you are being fingerprinted for to determine if your prints need to be done electronically. In some cases, ink fingerprints are needed and there is no appointment needed for ink cards. Ink fingerprints cards are completed during normal business hours (8:00am – 3:30pm). There is an $8.00 fee per fingerprint card.

Q: How does the civil process services work and is there a fee?

A: Any civil process service begins in the Clerk’s Office, where you file paperwork. The Clerk charges a fee for filing paperwork (fees are determined by the Clerk) for their services. Once the paperwork is filled through the Clerk’s Office, it is sent to the Sheriff’s Department so an officer can serve the paperwork.  

Q: How do I evict someone? Is there a fee? How does the Sheriff get involved?

A: To evict someone, you must file paperwork in the Clerk’s Office (there is a fee assessed by the Clerk) for filing paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, the Sheriff’s Department delivers notice to the person being evicted to appear in court. If that person does not appear for their court date, the Sheriff’s Department sets an eviction date with the courts (typically within 4 days) where we escort the person from the property, with the property owner. The Sheriff’s Department will not go to a property to evict someone without a court order.  

Q: Where can I swear out a warrant on someone?

A: You cannot swear out a warrant on someone. A report has to be filed with a law enforcement officer and forwarded to the Floyd County Prosecutor’s Office for consideration.  At that time, the Prosecutor will decide if charges will be filed.

Q: What is the number to the courthouse?

A: Each office in the courthouse has individual numbers. The best way to find the contact information for the specific office you’re looking for is to check the Floyd County Government website.  The address is

Q: Can I request a VIN inspection on my vehicle?

A: Yes, you can. There is no fee for a VIN inspection.  If you live outside the city limits of New Albany, call 812.948.5400 to request a VIN inspection at your home.  If you live within the city limits, contact the New Albany Police at 812.948.5300.

Q: What is the law regarding fireworks in Floyd County?

A: All residents throughout the State of Indiana are governed by state law regarding the use of fireworks. Follow this link to read the entire law:  Indiana Code 22-11-14-6

Q: Is there a noise ordinance in Floyd County?

A: Yes. It only applies to the unincorporated areas in Floyd County.  It does not apply to New Albany, Georgetown or Greenville.  Follow this link to read the ordnance Floyd County Ordinance 2010-008.

Q: How do I file a petition for a Protective Order?

A: Under Indiana Code 34-26-5-4, the petition must be filed in the county where at least one of the following applies:

  • The person applying for a protective order currently or temporarily resides (Petitioner)
  • The person whom the protective order is being sought against resides (Respondent)
  • The county where the incident occurred

Under Indiana Law, there are specific qualifications that must apply for a person to be eligible for a protective order.  These involve acts of domestic violence, stalking or sex crimes committed against the Petitioner by the Respondent.  Click the link to read see if you are eligible:  Indiana Code 34-26-5-2

The person applying for the protective order must go to the Floyd County Clerk’s Office, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm, excluding County recognized holidays.

A person may also apply for a protective order from Friday at 4:00pm through Sunday at 12:00am (midnight) in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Department.

Q: How long can a vehicle remain unattended on a public roadway?

A: Indiana law states that vehicles left within the right-of-way of an interstate highway or any highway that is designated as part of the state highway system must be removed within 24 hours and any vehicle left on other roadways must be removed within 72 hours. To read the entire statute, click on Indiana Code 9-22-1-11.

Q: How do I apply for a Mental Inquest Warrant or Mental Detention Order on someone?

A: Indiana law requires that both the person seeking a mental detention order on an individual and at least one physician must provide a statement to a court that the individual is mentally ill and either dangerous or gravely disabled; and in need of immediate restraint. To read the law, click on Indiana Code 12-26-5-1.

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