The Floyd County Jail is a 234 bed facility that houses pre-trial detainees and some convicted state offenders.

The staff of the Floyd County Jail is responsible for direct care and custody of inmates, transportation of inmates, courtroom and building security for the Floyd County courthouse.

Jail Commander for Floyd County

Captain David Furman

Assistant Jail Commander for Floyd County

Lieutenant Brett O’Loughlin

Division Mission

We will strive to be a division of trained professional officers that serve our community with integrity while providing a structured environment for the inmates that we house.

We will set goals with our inmate population including deterrence repeat offenders in our community by offering valuable programs during incarceration and life application skill courses. This includes partnering with other community & county programs to gain a better understanding of inmate population.

We will work with all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to gather intelligence from our inmate population to assist in their criminal cases and prevent future illegal activity. This includes gathering, investigating, and storing previous inmate information to help capture or convict those that continue to break the law or elude law enforcement.

We will work in partnership with the Floyd County courts and other divisions to maintain a safe environment all visitors in the courts and county building.

We will provide a safe and secure environment for all staff, inmates, and visitors in our facility.

Inmate Information

The jail utilizes an automated information system that friends and family can call to find information about an inmate. To utilize this information system call 812.948.5406 and select one of the following options.

  • Press 1 while in the call for general information and visitation
  • Press 2 for inmate information such as charges and bond information
  • Press 3 to leave the inmate a voicemail (there is a fee for this)

Programs Available to Inmates

Life Skills

Inmates strengthen day to day skills such as how to manage a checkbook, complete job applications, and more.

Alcohol & Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA)

This year-around class is sponsored by the Floyd County Drug and Alcohol division. These classes help inmates transition into AA and NA programs once released. To attend, inmates must apply.

Freedom 101

This class aims to build a plan for inmates once they are released to avoid re-incarceration. The course runs 3-5 times a year and consists of intensive work over a period of a 3-4 days, followed by independent sessions with each inmate. This course is privately funded and sponsored.

Residents Encountering Christ (REC)

This popular inmate program runs a few times a year and is sponsored by a local church.

Church Services

Church services are held every Sunday in the Floyd County Jail. We have approximately 25 pastors who assist in a rotating schedule for church services.

Bible study

Bible study groups come into the jail numerous times per week for inmate classes.

Readiness for Re-Entry

The program is evidenced based and led by the jail therapist in the Floyd County Jail. After seeing tremendous success with the female population in the jail, the jail administration has plans to include the male population as well.

Inmates enrolled in this program must take the first step and ask to be placed in the program. Once an inmate request to be in the program, they go through an extensive interview before they are just placed in the program.

These inmates are housed separately from the general population areas in the jail. These inmates attend all classes and programs separately from the general population in the jail.

These inmates must adhere to a very strict schedule that includes group exercises, mandatory recreation attendance, group therapy, group classes (including AA / NA, life skills, bible study and much more), individual counseling, performing assigned specific jobs within the dorm and in certain areas of the jail.

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