Inmate Mail

Floyd County inmates may receive mail on a daily basis while incarcerated as long as it meets the criteria of the policies and procedures as listed below:

If mail is withheld from any inmate, they will receive notification as to why the mail was withheld. Mail found to violate policy will either be placed in the inmate’s property or discarded. The inmate will be notified of where their mail was placed.

To send mail to an inmate please use the following method to address the letter:

P.O. BOX 1406

Inmates may not receive the following types of materials according to policies:

Lewd or graphic content / photos, newspaper, magazine materials, blank paper, money, gang related materials, staples, paper clips, stickers, metal, plastic, Polaroid pictures, or anything else deemed contraband or violating the policies and procedures of the Floyd County Jail or the US Postmaster General.

When sending mail to an inmate be sure to adhere to the following guidelines or your mail will not be delivered, but placed in the inmate’s property.

Incoming Mail

  • Color paper and envelopes are prohibited. This includes greeting cards.
  • Mail must be in a plain white envelope and the letter/correspondence inside the envelope must be on originally purchased, plain white, ruled paper (no photocopies).
  • The use of crayon or marker of any kind is prohibited.
  • Fragrance of any kind is prohibited.
  • Mail must include a full return address, including the name of the person sending it to the jail.
  • Books must be shipped directly from a book company. (ie. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.) Books that are found in violation of this policy will be destroyed.
  • All books mailed to the Floyd County Jail will be issued to the inmate, however, they become property of the Jail.

Outgoing Mail

  • must include full return address, including the name of the inmate mailing it out of the jail, otherwise it will be disposed of.


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